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Pre-Road Evaluation

Behind-the-Wheel Evaluation

Driver Training and Rehabilitation

Vehicle Modification Evaluation

For whom?
The services offered at Driving Solutions are for individuals, and their families, to determine ability to safely drive or what adaptive strategies or equipment are needed to resume driving.

Possible conditions that may affect driving are:
Aging Alzheimer's Disease
Amputation Arthritis
Autism or Asperger's Syndrome Cerebral Vascular Disease or Stroke
Dementia Parkinson's Disease
Spinal Cord Injury Traumatic Brain Injury

Possible impairments in the following areas may have an impact on driving:

Cognition Coordination and sensation
Insight and awareness Memory and judgment
New learning Reaction times
Strength and flexibility Visual fields

Pre-Road Evaluation
The Pre-Road evaluation is performed in a clinical setting. A vision screening is performed. You must have at least 20/40 visual acuity and 110° of field of vision to drive per the Oregon DMV. Night vision, glare vision and glare recovery are assessed if you plan to drive at night. Mobility, reaction times and coordination will be tested by assessing your ability to move your foot from an accelerator and brake pedal and maintain your hands on a steering wheel. Cognition, including memory, judgment, attention, self-awareness and perception will be evaluated to determine if these areas may have an impact on your driving.

Behind-the-Wheel Evaluation
After completing the Pre-Road Evaluation, a Behind-the-Wheel Evaluation may be recommended. A Behind-the-Wheel Driving evaluation is performed in a dual brake vehicle. This evaluation puts all the pieces of the Pre-Road Evaluation together to assess actual driving performance.

Driver's Training and Rehabilitation
Driver's training and rehabilitation provide an opportunity to improve specific skills, learn how to compensate for areas of impairment, or to learn to use adaptive driving equipment. This may occur during the evaluation and follow up training may be recommended.

Vehicle Modification Evaluation
A Vehicle Modification Evaluation helps you determine what modifications or adaptive equipment you will need to your car or van enabling you to drive after an injury. The prescription then allows you to obtain bids and insures the equipment installer will install the appropriate equipment to meet your specific needs, allowing you to drive efficiently and safely.

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